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The core SASSA project team is based at the University of Stirling and consists of the following people.

For information about geoarchaeology and the SASSA project please contact SASSA information,
For details of the computing software used or to report a technical fault please contact SASSA technical.
NameUniversity Department E-mail
Prof. Donald DavidsonSchool of Biological and Environmental ScienceSASSA information
Dr. Clare WilsonSchool of Biological and Environmental Science
Dr. Ted PollardSchool of Biological and Environmental Science
Dr. David CairnsDepartment of Computing Science and MathematicsSASSA technical
Dr. Julie CowieDepartment of Computing Science and Mathematics
Mr. Martin BlunnDepartment of Computing Science and Mathematics

The SASSA project is reliant upon the expertise and experience of two advisory groups; an Academic Advisory (AAG) and a User Advisory Group (UAG) drawn from the international geoarchaeological and archaeological communities respectively.

It is important to the success of the SASSA project that as wide a group of users and academics as possible are involved and we are keen to involve more members, particularly from outside the UK. For further details of how you can become involved please e-mail SASSA.

Additionally, the SASSA project team is always looking for information on how the tools it has developed are being used. Please consider leaving us feedback via the following questionnaire.

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