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If you would like to take an active part in the ongoing development of the SASSA knowledge base, including contributing or editing a topic or article, please contact SASSA Administrator

Alternatively, the SASSA project is always looking for information on how the tools it has developed are being used. Please consider leaving us feedback on the SASSA system via the following questionnaire

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The aim of SASSA is to provide support and training for curators and field archaeologists on the application of soil science techniques to archaeological questions. When complete SASSA will provide:

  • Support for archaeologists in the field with recording and interpreting archaeological soils and sediments.
  • Guidance on appropriate field and laboratory analytical techniques relevant to answering archaeological questions.
  • Examples of the archaeological questions that soil analysis can contribute to, illustrated by case studies.
  • A background tutorial on soil concepts and geoarchaeology.
  • A glossary of soil terms.

To start browsing SASSA use the navigation links on the left, or for more information click on one of the links below.

SASSA consists of:

  • SASSA Knowledge Base contains background tutorials, information about analytical techniques and geoarchaeological case studies.
  • SASSA Field tool provides users in the field with help recording and interpreting soils.

SASSA has been developed by a team of geoarchaeologists and computer scientists based at the University of Stirling with knowledge exchange funding provided by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) UK.

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