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SASSA Knowledge contains background tutorials, information about analytical techniques and geoarchaeological case studies.

To start using SASSA knowledge base choose one of the following options or use the navigation side bar:

  • About Geoarchaeology provides a background tutorial to geoarchaeology and the research questions that soil and sediment analysis may help address.
  • Soil/Sediment Tutorial provides information on soil and sedimentary processes and their importance in archaeological contexts.
  • Field Analysis provides information about soil description and field interpretation.
  • Analytical Methods gives information about sampling and the application of different field and laboratory techniques to archaeological problems.
  • Case Studies contains an archive of geoarchaeological studies.
  • Glossary gives definitions for common earth science terms.
  • News/Conferences lists forthcoming geoarchaeology related conferences and recent news items.
  • Recent Changes lists additions and edits to the SASSA Wiki.
  • Help is a user guide to navigating and editing SASSA Wiki.

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